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Pusher synchronism control

Customer type

  • Steel industry


Profile pusher in furnace


The customer contacts us so that we can propose an alternative solution to the existing synchronism system, based on a rotary flow divider, according to the weight distribution the synchronism error between the 2 pusher cylinders exceeded 25mm, deforming profiles and making them useless for commercialization.


Synchronism system based on 2 servo-performance proportional valves EATON AXISPRO and a closed loop controller DELTA MOTION RMC75P, with Profibus communication. Existing cylinders, their position sensors and other valves are used.


System with higher productivity and reliability, with a synchronism error of less than 1mm along the entire 1,500mm stroke and continuous monitoring of the operation, integrating our controller into the customer’s control system. The picture shows 4 curves: the position targets for each of the 2 cylinders and their actual position.

Installation in a short maintenance shutdown, with start-up and adjustments in half a day.

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