Hydraulic engineering

We design and build hydraulic engineering systems for the most demanding applications.

Our hydraulic engineering department specialises in the development of turnkey solutions, including hydraulic power units, customized hydraulic blocks, special cylinders, control electronics and fluid conveyance with flexible hose or rigid pipe.

Our hydraulic service technicians can also deal with the installation, commissioning and even the maintenance management of the hydraulic equipment throughout its life. We have extensive experience in special applications, especially in the design of high efficiency hydraulic systems.

ingenieria hidraulicaMetallurgy

Hydraulic power units for the steel industry, valve stands, presses, shears, accumulator stations, special cylinders.

empresa de ingenieria hidraulicaPaper industry

Hydraulic power packs, valve blocks, control systems, specific filtration solutions.

instalaciones hidraulicaPlastics industry

Hydraulic power packs, cylinders, control systems.

ingeniero hidraulicoTest benches

Hydraulic power packs, servo cylinders, controllers, control software, user interfaces.


Manufacture of hydraulic power packs

We design and build tailor-made hydraulic power systems for the most demanding applications, integrating them into the customer’s machines and production lines. Throughout our long history we have developed solutions for all sectors, always paying attention to the latest technologies, taking the utmost care in design and ergonomics, but without forgetting reliability, robustness and ease of maintenance.

Thanks to the growth of our company and our experience, more and more customers from the most varied sectors trust us, consolidating our business project in the hydraulic machinery market.

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Efficient hydraulics

We are specialists in analysing and improving the efficiency of hydraulic systems, minimising energy consumption to reduce the impact of production activities and improve the profitability of processes. And not only that, in an efficient hydraulic system all components work at the minimum necessary pressure and only as long as necessary, considerably increasing the useful life of the equipment.

And how do we improve the efficiency of hydraulic machines? We analyse the system and identify the less efficient points, proposing different solutions.

This knowledge is also used in our new designs, so if you need an efficient and durable hydraulic system, we can build it.

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Closed-loop controlled systems

For the most demanding applications, closed-loop control is mandatory, be it position, speed, force or a combination of these. This type of control requires high performance components: servo valves or proportional valves, suitable sensors and a fast and reliable controller. We have the right components and most importantly, we have the expertise to design the system and control it.

High frequency fatigue test benches, synchronised movements with imperceptible errors, fast and accurate positioning, high production hydraulic presses with force control and moving stages are just a few examples of what we can do. Ask us about your application, however complicated it may seem.

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