EATON CMA proportional valve


The proportional valve EATON CMA represents a revolution in motion control for mobile applications. Its independent metering architecture, with a separate 3-way spool for each A and B port, allows individual control of each of the cylinder chambers, enabling different operating modes to be selected, depending on load characteristics, integration needs with other valves or energy efficiency strategies.

For each section, it includes pressure sensors at the P, T, A and B ports, temperature sensor at the T port and position sensor for each spool. All this information is used in the internal control system for maximum performance and can also be shared with the machine control system, avoiding the need for additional sensors. All of this is integrated into a single CAN communication cable for all sections, simplifying wiring and reducing costs.

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Here you can see a video of how the CMA valve can detect a hose rupture and cut off the supply to the affected section, avoiding spilling a considerable volume of oil:

Here you can see a video of how the CMA valve can control the force exerted by a moving machine with a surprising degree of precision: