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Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy (torque, rotation speed) into hydraulic energy (pressure, flow), propelling fluid from the tank to the hydraulic system. Below you can see the different types of pumps we offer in our catalogue.

Piston pumps

Hydraulic piston pumps drive the fluid by the linear displacement of several pistons. Depending on the arrangement of the pistons, they can be axial or radial piston pumps. Variable displacement versions include a mechanism to limit the maximum displacement of the pistons. Models from 10cm3 to 750cm3 displacement are available for both industrial and mobile applications.

Hydraulic vane pumps

Hydraulic vane pumps consist of a rotor with vanes and a fixed stator that limits the displacement of the vanes. Variable displacement models include a mechanism to limit the maximum vane displacement.

Hydraulic gear pumps

Hydraulic gear pumps consist of two gear wheels, a casing and two side covers. Depending on the type of gear and its arrangement, there are external gear pumps, internal gear pumps and helical gear pumps.

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